How to Acquire Free Character in Free Fire

Most Free Fire players would agree that an integral part of the game’s appeal comes from its collection of nearly 30 different characters. With their unique set of abilities, they can turn the tide of the battleground, giving you immense advantages over other players. Today, we guide you over one of the most desired male characters in the game – DJ Alok, and how to get him for free. 

Dj Alok Character in Free Fire

Every Free Fire player wants to have Dj Alok unlocked in their collection. He’s one of the most sought-after personalities in Free Fire for an overpowered set of abilities. Upon reaching the maximum level, Alok can replenish 5 HP per second in a 10-second duration. He also creates an aura, healing teammates as well as increasing their speed. This ability is great to support your squads, boost their health, and prepare for the next attack. 

dj alok free ability


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