PUBG’s position on India’s ban on Battleground mobile ⠀ PUBG Co., Ltd. is closely watching the situation related to the ban on’PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map (Livik)’ and’PUBG MOBILE Lite’ announced by the Indian government. In addition, we are always grateful for the support and interest of Indian players. ⠀ PUBG Co., Ltd. fully understands and respects the actions of the Indian government as we prioritize the protection and security of players’ privacy. We hope to work closely with the Indian government to find a way for players to enjoy PUBG again while complying with local laws.

As a result of deep consideration, PubG Co., Ltd. withdrew from Tencent’s authority to publish’Battleground Mobile’ in India, and PubG Co., Ltd. decided to take charge of all PUBG services provided in India in the future. We are striving to ensure that Indian players can enjoy the unique PUBG experience presented by PubG Co., Ltd. in the near future, and we are working hard to realize this by building a safe and healthy gameplay environment suitable for the locality. ⠀ Battleground Mobile is a mobile version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), an intellectual property (IP) developed and owned by PubG Co., Ltd. in Korea. PUBG Co., Ltd. is actively involved in publishing and launching Battlegrounds on various platforms including mobile to provide the best possible play experience to players.

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